advocacy scumbag

new term


an immoral person who uses a social movement or non-violent advocacy group as a guise or means for their unethical, violent or abusive behavior.


Some people use advocacy movements as a means for their nefarious acts. Both the victims of these acts and the advocacy group suffer. Abusive or bad acts done under the guise of an advocacy group may tarnish an advocacy group’s name. It may take away from what the advocacy group is trying to achieve. Instead of the group focusing on their message they may be forced to spend time defending themselves and separating themselves from the advocacy scumbag. 

If left unchecked, this abusive behavior may become associated with the advocacy movement and people who are already uncertain of the movement may consider not showing support. Those who already dislike the movement will find this as a prime opportunity to forward their negative ideologies regarding the movement . They will use the actions of advocacy scumbags as a way to discredit the movements values and goals. 

It is important we understand that, unless a movement is violent in nature or explicitly calls for violence, individuals who abuse others in the name of a movement (advocacy scumbags) are abusive people who do not care about the movement and are using the movement for their own nefarious intentions.

real life example:

An advocacy scumbag in the form of a 20-year-old male kneeled on the neck of a 2 year old toddler who was forced on the ground with his hands held behind his back. While this poor excuse for a human being traumatized a defenseless child he decided it was a great time for a photo op. He had a picture taken of him abusing the child and captioned the photo, “BLM now mf”…such soliloquy. 

An article in the news featuring this abusive piece of shit was titled “Ohio man in custody after kneeling on crying white child’s neck, praising Black Lives Matter,” but he article would have been better titled, “Child Abuser and Advocacy Scumbag kneels on innocent crying child’s neck.” Not only is this abuser harming an innocent child, his actions have the potential to take away the positive messaging of the group.

If someone on the fence about the group sees this act they may get shocked or think this is what the group represents. Someone who does not like the group will exaggerate this act for their benefit and proclaim it as reasons to not like the group. This advocacy scumbag is also calling to arms his violent and abusive comrades and giving them the idea that they can use BLM as an excuse for abusive acts. 

One such comrade showed up in the comments of a Facebook post regarding this incident of abuse. A special education teacher commented on the photo and encouraged further abuse to the 2 year old victim. This abusive piece of shit and advocacy scumbag resigned from his position after writing his abusive comments. While this abuser may also think they are advocating for BLM they are actually advocating for child abuse. With the current state of things regarding race relations this abuser may understandably (and rightfully) be very angry – that is no excuse for abuse.

There are millions of people who are angry at the current state of affairs. They are organizing peaceful protests. We need to make this distinction as to not confuse the goals of BLM with the goals of these child abusers. When we make that distinction we are better able to focus on what BLM is trying to achieve – non-violent protests against police brutality and racially motivated violence against African-American people – and cut out the abusive noise.


Advocacy scumbags shield themselves and say it is for a movement when in reality they are abusive and just trying to find cover under any excuse they can to be abusive. In order to extinguish abuse and in order for an advocacy group to accomplish its goals we need to be aware of, alert to, and call out advocacy scumbags.

Not limited to BLM, advocacy scumbags do not discriminate against social movements and can try to use any movement as a guise. Advocacy scumbags may also use advocacy groups to steal money, avoid taxes or do other nefarious acts. 

Equipped with this new term we strip away excuses of child abusers, tax avoiders and criminals of the like while also helping peaceful movements gain momentum and get their true voice across. We also have a valid argument and term in defense of someone who tries to use isolated instances of advocacy scum as an example for the entire movement.




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