action items

action item

synonyms: actionable items


in self-help, an action item is advice or an exercise that increases a participants success with self-help and mental health. Action items outline activities and exercises that will help self-help seeking individuals to improve and incorporate positive habits into their daily lives.

Examples of action item in a sentence:

  • A lot of people do not see long term success with self-help or management books because the literature does not include any action items.
  • It is hard to incorporate self-help techniques and to change habits without actionable items to follow.
  • While giving momentary satisfaction, inspiration quotes are not helpful to someone seeking self-help because they do not include any actionable items.
  • Self-help can be confusing and without actionable items it is going to be difficult to see long term, positive changes.

Common examples of actionable items associated with self-help:

  • Listing things you are grateful for
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Journaling

Getty created actionable items for self-help:

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