Self-created hostility

Philosophy, psychology, self-help, mental health, anxiety and depression.

self-created hostility


someone who creates hostility towards themselves due to their own actions -which are usually disrespectful or hostile.

Examples of self-created hostility in a sentence:

  • He thought his neighbors were mean for not saying hello, he failed to consider how he, himself, created the hostility they had towards him when he dumped his trash in their yard.
  • Anna was caught spreading rumors about the nicest girl in school and it lead to some self-created hostility from her class mates.
  • John continually disrespects his friend and her boundaries; her agitation towards him is his own self-created hostility.
  • Meg’s drug-addict, absent mother was upset when her daughter did not great her with loving arms. She understood it was self-created hostility and continues to try and show Meg that she turned things around.
  • Sean self-created hostility when he cheated on his girlfriend. He hopes that after acknowledging what he did was his choice and it was wrong, that his girlfriend will give him another chance.

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