dramatized perfectionism

dramatized perfectionism


a tactic used to defend a wrongful action in which the wrongdoer accuses the wronged of expecting perfectionism. This tactic can be used as a defense to divert the wronged party from their conversational goal of receiving an actionable apology, and can take the form of, “I am not perfect,” – or something similar.   

Examples of dramatized perfectionism in a sentence:

  • He dramatized perfectionism by getting defensive and saying he, ‘isn’t perfect,’ in response to her asking to be respected.
  • Tracy insinuating her boyfriend expected her to be perfect, in response to him calling her out for blowing other guys, was dramatized perfectionism.
  • The conversation was diverted with dramatized perfectionism, and instead of getting an apology she spent the rest of the afternoon assuring her friend that she does not expect him to be perfect.  

Examples of  dramatized perfectionism usage:

  • When someone knows they did wrong, feels guilty and wants to avoid the topic.
  • When someone is being asked for an apology, but is not ready to come to terms with how they acted or take accountability.
  • When a wrongdoer wants to subvert the wronged parties attention for their own personal gain, or to be able to continue with the wrongdoing.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of dramatized perfectionism? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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