conversational goal

conversational goal


the object of a conversation; what one focuses on during a conversation in order to obtain a desired result.

Examples of conversational goal in a sentence:

  • Before asking for more money for her allowance, Lucy made a list of all of her school achievements to help her feel confident in achieving her conversational goal.
  • With information overload it is easy to get distracted, in order to get our point across we need to stick to our conversational goal.
  • Luke failed at his conversational goal – he and Ben will not being hanging out anytime soon.

Examples of  conversational goals in action:

  • “With my school records and acceptance to the gifted program I am showing how hard I work, I would really appreciate more allowance.”
  • “I understand there were looters; the protestors were not part of that, they are actually focused on eliminating police brutality and racial injustice.
  • “I’m sorry you think I am being mean, I don’t like to date guys who are married and have only top-less, torso pics on Grindr.”

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