5 Things to Help You Benefit From Self-Help Books and Articles

5 Things to Help You Benefit From Self-Help Books and Articles

I recently saw an article proclaiming that self-help books don’t work. When I read what people were saying about them it was no wonder they weren’t working! In order to develop and to use self-help resources and books to their full potential there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Everyone is different and different things will impact different people differently. (Say that 5 times fast)

The best advice that one person has ever heard may not mean much to another. We are all at different stages, something that could be very meaningful to one could be pointless to another. It is all about finding what works for you.

2. It’s not a competition and there should be no comparisons.

There are comments and quotes of people who achieve great things after reading a particular book. Truth is, no book is going to completely change someone. They had to be willing, and it was also a culmination of other things they are doing to work on their progress. I’ve read books at certain times that were just meh, and I’ve read others that were just what I needed at that exact time and made a huge impact on my life.

3. There needs to be a willingness and want.

This isn’t going to just magically happen after you read a book or an article – no matter what someone tries to sell you. You are trying to decode and re-write script you have been running on for several years -if not your entire life. It is going to take some time. You have to be willing to put in work and treat this as a process. One article or book can give a temporary satisfaction, but we need to incorporate what we read into our lives and work on this long term.

4. Mental exercises are needed to build new perspectives and positively develop.

Just like physical exercise is needed to build muscle, we need to do mental exercises to build new perspectives and positively develop. The things we learn in books can be difficult to transfer to the real world. I write about exercises and action items that I’ve done to intertwine new ideologies and perspectives into my life, found here.

5. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Self-help and self-development are tough and you have to be ballsy and strong to work on changing your habits and thinking. Not to freak anybody out here – you can total do this! You’ll most likely revert back to bad habits, but don’t worry. Just the realization that you reverted is a great sign, and with practice you wont revert at all.


Self-help and self-development can and will work if you approach it the right way. The more you practice and keep up with your development the more positive benefits you will see. If something seems difficult, stick with it. If you didn’t get as much out of a book as someone else – don’t worry. If you are making slow progress just know you are most likely doing better than you think!

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I enjoy psychology, philosophy, self growth and seeing others succeed. This space is where all that combines.

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