Take Inventory of Things You Like, Don’t Like, and Are Meh About

Take Inventory of Things You Like, Don’t Like, and Are Meh About

SUMMARY: Making a like, meh and dislike list is good for anyone trying to move forward in a positive direction. It can help you decide on a new goal or just figure out what to focus on next. It doesn’t take long and you may experience a lot of positive benefits – so just do it.


Let’s face it. We can get lost sometimes. There is a good chance you may feel lost right now. Things are busy. We get distracted. It is good to ground ourselves and to consider how we really feel. To realize the things in our lives that are going well and the things that we can improve upon. This is how we efficiently make goals.

This exercise does just that. It helps us figure out what we should focus on and what we do not need (or want) in our lives. It consists of writing down a few things in a list of three columns and then evaluating what we come up with.

As a person who hates making lists like this, I can attest that this list was very helpful for me. I think it will be helpful for you too. All it takes is some thought, 5-15 minutes and something to write your list on. What can it hurt, right?

We are going to go over how to make the list, some tips if you get stuck and then I will go over my list from 8 years ago and how it has helped me. Let’s begin – shall we?

How to

  1. Make three columns: on a piece of paper, on your phone, on a word doc, on the back of a receipt or napkin – wherever.
  2. Label the columns something along the lines of: “Things I like,” “Things I am meh about” and “Things I do not like.” You can name the columns whatever you like. “Things I am meh about” could be “Things I am indifferent to.” You can use emojis (😀, 😶, 😫) for all I care just make sure the overall idea is still there.
  3. Fill-in the columns accordingly.
    • not all columns need to have the same amount of items but make sure to have at least 5 items per column
    • the more items per column the better this will work
    • no one will see this (unless you want them to) so feel free to list away
    • tips for filling-in the columns below
  4. Take a step back. Maybe go for a walk or just do some breathing for a moment. Then, look at what you wrote and see if there are any patterns. Is there something in your ‘do not like’ column that you cannot change so the right course of action is acceptance? Maybe it is only temporary so you can look forward to when it will end? Is there something in your ‘like’ column that you can do more of, like going for more walks? Whatever is on your meh list most likely should not be part of any of your goals – why work for something you are just meh about?

Below I will go over my list from 8 years ago and show how I incorporated it into my life to give you a better idea.

But first, some tips for creation:

  • Think of things that are societally expected of you and how you feel about it. Put it in the appropriate column.
  • Reflect on your day and things that make you happy or not during a typical day.
  • Think of the apps you use, people you talk to and your interactions with the world. What ones do you like or not like. What ones are you indifferent to?
  • Look around your house and see what you like. Maybe you do not like the messy pile of clothes in the corner but you like the candle on the table – list them in the appropriate columns.
  • Recall memories of things that made you really happy and things that made you sad. Write them down.
  • Imagine your ideal life and put some things that are in that image in the like column, things you do not want there in the dislike column, and things you are indifferent to in the meh column.
  • Shout it out! I saved the best for last. When I originally did this exercise I had some trouble getting started and realized I was thinking about it too much and being too analytical for my own good. I took a couple deep breaths. Calmed my brain and just let the thoughts come from where – uncontrolled. You’ll be surprised what you come up with!

My list (from 8 years ago)

While I couldn’t find my actual list from 8 years ago (what a bummer), the last time I saw the list was a few months ago, so I made a mock up from memory. I think I hit the nail on the head – or close to it. Let’s go through to see how I used my list to better my life in hopes it will help you to create your list and improve your life.

Things I like

I listed:

  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Being Healthy
  • Consistent Improvement
  • Plants
  • Quiet

Noone I know would be surprised by this. I make sure I get enough sleep. I have really dope pillows. I love eating healthy while also having not so healthy foods – in moderation. I am constantly working to improve myself and I have a lot of plants in my quiet home. In retrospect, I wish I listened to this list a few years ago when I decided to move to a noisy city. But, how was I to know my neighbors would sound like they were having a rollerskating party and dropping bowling balls all day, everyday?

Things I am meh about:

  • Expensive cars
  • Getting married
  • New gadgets

I was not interested in marriage then, and I am still meh about it now. I do not like expensive cars either. Everyone seems so into them I figured it would make me happy but nah. Even after test driving a beautiful sports car I am still meh about it. Just not my thing. I mean, if Elon Musk wants to gift me a Tesla I will happily accept (do it Elon, do it!), but the car note is not something I want. These are things that I will not chase in my life and are not part of my goals.

Things I do not like:

  • Traffic
  • Potholes
  • Flat tires
  • Mondays
  • High Heals

This is where the list really changed my life. I had no idea I hated driving to work so much. It was obvious that I did. I was constantly getting nails in tired due to construction, pot holes would make me cringe every time I would accidentally hit one, and traffic was a mess. After making the list, I made sure my next job was close to home and my quality of life improved! Now, I will move close to work and I try to keep my commute to less than 10 minutes. It is important to me and I have reaped so many positive benefits. I feel less stress and my life overall is better!

In regards to Mondays. I realized I did not like them but they are a day of the week just like any other. I needed to change my perspective because Monday’s weren’t going anywhere, and did not care if I didn’t like them. Now, I do not mind them as much. I’ve come to accept them and that has contributed to a more positive outlook.


Write your list. If you need help, fell free to DM me here with any questions or add questions in the comments. Elon, I like navy blue or black with dark tan interior 😆.

Published by Lyndsey

I enjoy psychology, philosophy, self growth and seeing others succeed. This space is where all that combines.

2 thoughts on “Take Inventory of Things You Like, Don’t Like, and Are Meh About

  1. Thanks for sharing this great tool! It’s simple, yet effective in pointing out little pieces of a bigger puzzle. My list pointed out a bunch of half finished projects that I have all over the office, which makes it a stressful place to be in!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad it was helpful! Sounds like it’s time to clean some stuff up! The space around us can have a lot of effect on how we feel. I just made a space in my pantry for all of my lotion making products and it feels good to not have them out in the open anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

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