Self Development — Where to Begin and 12 Things to Keep in Mind

Tips for getting started on self-development and working on your mental health, depression and anxiety.

Self Development — Where to Begin and 12 Things to Keep in Mind

Dear reader,

Self-development begins with a want. How we develop that want is unique to each of us. It could be a result of a life changing experience, due to years of not feeling well, or we could simply have a natural desire to constantly improve. No matter where you are starting you can get to where you need to go. It may take some longer than others and that’s OK too. We are all floating on a ball in space and we are all just trying to do the best we can.

While we want to get better, we may not know where or how to begin. Making positive changes are tough so we may feel intimidated, or that we do not have the motivation or willpower to start. I was here once. Now that I look back, I realize I needed to be there in order to be where I am now.

First, start with knowing that while things are not the greatest right now, they can and will get better. Take an inventory of where you are now. What you would like to change? What do you like that you want to see more of in your life? What are you not so happy about that you would like to remove from your life or work to make better? Focus on the things you can change and work on accepting the things you can’t.

Getting started can take many forms and you do not need to spring into action right away. If you are feeling particularly unmotivated you could start by reading articles about motivation like this one here. Or you could do things that make you feel good in the short term, like reading a book or doing the dishes. If you don’t feel like doing anything you can reflect and think about how you want to do better. Just thinking about it is enough to instill the want and then we need to put the effort in to make it happen.

If you are anything like me, you want to feel better ASAP. You may be feeling a sense of urgency. These things take time though. It is a process and life is a journey. I am happy I started when I did and surprisingly, I do not have any regrets for not starting earlier. The thing is though, you have to get started.

While it would be awesome if we could just click our fingers or buy some miracle product we are going to need to put in work. Thinking of it in a daunting way will put you in a losing position so it is important to remember that while it is work, the benefits far outweigh the effort.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You will find inspiration in unexpected places.
  • Continue to remind yourself to be accepting of change.
  • Some people will surprise you and there is a chance some will have you feeling let down.
  • Your identity is not defined by your past.
  • Some days will be easier than others.
  • It is OK to not have a good day.
  • Allow yourself to take breaks.
  • A bad day or a mistake does not negate all of your progress.
  • It’s OK to look to others for help and guidance.
  • Everyone’s path is different.
  • Something that worked for someone else may not work for you.
  • Most importantly, you are not alone.

During all of this you are going to learn about yourself. You may even surprise yourself! There are people who support you and people may surprise you too. You will realize things and see the world with more clarity. It all starts with a want and some action behind it. It will take some work but you can do it and others have done it before. I did it and I am happy to help guide you the best I can. One day you will help someone else too. It’s just how it works.

I am adding articles frequently so please continue to stop by and see if anything is helpful.

You got this!


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