#1 Thing All Fad Diets Have in Common

Loosing weight can sometimes feel impossible. With information overload, it is easy to get lost. We need to get back to basics. While some may have health related items that keep them from losing weight, for the large majority of us, it really comes down to calories in vs. calories out.

This simple truth is consistent with popular/fad diets. While diet trends come and go, they all have one thing in common: they reduce calorie consumption. Below are some popular fad diets and how they reduce calorie consumption:

  • Keto– reduces calories by removing carbs.
  • Paleo– reduces calories by focusing on nutrient rich, filling foods.
  • Intermittent Fasting– attempts to reduce calories by giving you a smaller period to eat.
  • Vegan – reduces calories with high fiber foods so you feel fuller longer.
  • Dukan – reduces calories with focus on high protein/low carb foods.
  • Atkins – reduces calories by reducing appetite with low-carb consumption.
  • Whole 30 – reduces calories by focusing on low calorie foods.

Fad diets typically don’t help over time – they most likely make things worse. The initial success in weight loss is usually followed by weight gain. This can be negatively impactful for those who are genuinely trying to lose weight. It can make us feel like losing weight is impossible. I promise you, you can. You have just been steered in the wrong direction.

It is beneficial for us to focus on learning about weight loss basics, like calorie consumption. We benefit when we have a general idea of the calories we consume, and we focus on finding low calorie foods that we love. A good place to start is by figuring out your basal metabolic rate.

Tried a fad diet you do not see listed above? List how it reduced your daily calorie intake in the comments below.

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I enjoy psychology, philosophy, self growth and seeing others succeed. This space is where all that combines.

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