7 Ways to Get Motivated When Feeling Completely Unmotivated

By: Someone who currently feels completely unmotivated.


Finding motivation to do something when we feel completely unmotivated can be really tough. I am currently in the situation where I am not feeling motivated AT ALL, but I KNOW that once I get started, I will end up feeling better. This post is a result.


Motivating ourselves when we feel unmotivated, or at least reflecting on why we feel unmotivated, is helping us gain emotional intelligence. A lack of motivation is a feeling. When we reflect on our feelings, and decide how we are going to approach them, we no longer let our feelings control us. Remember, it is not about the feelings but what we do with them.

If we don’t do something, or let things slip due to lack of motivation, it can have us feeling even worse in the long run. By analyzing why we feel unmotivated, and deciding what we want to do with the feeling, we set ourselves up for future happiness.


1. Reflect on the “why.”

Questioning why you are not feeling motivated will give you a good reference point. From there you can determine the right course of action. Maybe it’s best to have a relaxing day. Maybe you need to force yourself to get going. Maybe it is a mixture of the two. Sometimes we just simply don’t feel like doing anything. That feeling is great and all, but will we feel like sh*t when all is said and done?

Our environment can influence how we feel. If you are not feeling motivated, look around and see if there is a reason why. Is it raining, making you just want to stay in bed? Is is sunny, making you want to go outside for a walk and not finish work?

In my current situation, it is raining and chilly. I have the urge to cuddle up with a blanket and watch NetFlix. However, I know that, while I will get instant gratification, it will not make me feel good in the end. I’ll look back and feel I wasted the day.

2. Give yourself some perspective.

Sometimes our mood can keep us from seeing the big picture. When we feel unmotivated it is good for us to look at the whole picture instead of our current feeling. If we have already made a lot of progress, or if we really want to make progress, we should try to work through our current unmotivated state. Maybe we are feeling unmotivated because we are feeling challenged? If so, take the challenge head on!

I did not feel like doing anything today. I knew I should though, because Thursday night I was so excited to work on this website I couldn’t sleep!

3. Consider how you will feel after you do something.

If you are thinking about doing something, the want is definitely there. That want is just being covered up by a lack of motivation. This lack of motivation can be encouraged when we think in terms of what we “should” do. “I really should go workout” or “I really should do some laundry.” These types of statements make us feel guilty for not doing what we “should” be doing, and the guilt just weighs us down.

Replace the “should” with how you will feel after you do what you are thinking of doing. Instead of thinking “I should do X,” think, “If I do X I will feel productive and feeling productive makes me happy.” When we think about how good and accomplished we feel after completing things, we help ourselves get the motivation to do it!

Right now I do NOT feel like writing this or working out today. But, I know that writing this will make me feel accomplished, and working out always makes me feel happy.

4. Get yourself moving.

Sometimes it is helpful to just get moving. Simply getting up and putting workout clothes on, or brushing our teeth. If you still do not feel like doing anything after you get dressed, at least you brushed your teeth!

When I really don’t feel like lifting weights I will go to the gym with a book. I figure I will sit on a bike and read. I usually always end up lifting weights. Sometimes just being in the environment will get me motivated. There have been times where I don’t end up lifting, and that’s OK too.

Feeling completely unmotivated, I told myself I would log in this site and clean stuff up. As soon as I was logged in I started to feel motivated to write a post.

5. Remind yourself of the progress that you’ve already made.

Simply reminding ourselves how far we’ve come can be enough to get us going. This could be looking in the mirror and seeing muscles you’ve built, or looking at a project you started and seeing all the progress you’ve made.

Sometimes I will wear my old workout clothes (that are too big for me now). It reminds me of how far I’ve come and motivates me to work out!

6. Talk to a friend.

An outside perspective can be just what we need to get motivated. When we consult with a friend we hear their perspective on the situation, and they may help motivate us to get going. Maybe they will help us sort through all of our excuses as well!

My friend called me recently while she was going for a walk. She motivated me to get off the couch and go for a walk too!

7. Consider if you simply need a day to relax – and own it.

Sometimes we really do just need a day to relax. We may feel guilty for this, but if we are going to relax we need to commit. There is no use in deciding to have a lounge day, and then stressing ourselves out for not being productive. If you decide to do nothing -commit. If you find yourself doing nothing more often than not, it is time to think of other ways to get motivated.

When I decide I am going to take a day to relax I fully commit. I enjoy the moment and the down time. I use that time to regroup, and I get at it the next day even stronger.


It can be tough to stay motivated or find motivation. When I started writing this post I felt completely unmotivated. It was like everything in my being was calling me to the couch to binge watch. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I decided to put on some perspective. I’ve been keeping up with this website for a few weeks now, writing this makes me feel good. I am happy that I was able to motivate myself, and I hope these words will help motivate you!

Keep on keeping on, ya’ll!

Published by Lyndsey

I enjoy psychology, philosophy, self growth and seeing others succeed. This space is where all that combines.

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