Working From Home: 3 Steps to Signifying the Day Is Done

When we are in the office our drive home signifies that the work day is done. We pack our things, walk out the door and get into our car. When we work from home we do not have that commute. We need to create a routine that will signify the working part of our day is done. We need to detach from work and protect our work/life balance in order to not get overworked or to wear ourselves out.

Here’s how:

  1. Establish clear boundaries when working from home. Post about that here.
  2. Shut everything down. Save what you need, check to see when your first meeting starts tomorrow, and then turn off your work computer.
  3. Create a routine when you are finished working. I like to stand and stretch and plan my workout routine. Other things you can do are plan what to eat for dinner or decide what else you want to do with your night.

Remember, you are the only one responsible for our own work-life balance.

Published by Lyndsey

I enjoy psychology, philosophy, self growth and seeing others succeed. This space is where all that combines.

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